Monday, September 29, 2008

Some Blog Business...

My blog buddy, Scrappy Girl gave me an award! I got this for being sweet and commenting on her blog during the first month of it's debut! I thought it would be fun to do the same thing.
My first month I only had two posts and 3 comments...
Julie @ Scrapperdays
I can't just leave it at that, I am going to include the next month as well, since these people helped me start my blog as well!
Those without blogs...
Those with blogs...
Christina @ Inarascraps
Elizabeth @ My Scrappy World
Bodegalle @ Scraps Of Time
Thank you ladies for being so sweet to me on my blog as I was starting out!
Scrappy Girl also tagged me! I haven't been tagged in a while, so here it goes...
Rules are above, they are basically the same as other tagging games!
  1. All I do all day long is scrapbook, read scrappy blogs, and chat on scrappy message boards.
  2. I secretly listen to Barry Manilow-I guess it not a secret anymore, lol!
  3. In high school, I wrote Richard Simmons a letter, asking him to pay for me to go to his "fat camp". What can I say, I was desperate!
  4. I vomitted on my wedding day, I was so nervous! I hate being on display.
  5. My mom used to tell me not to put money in my mouth, I would end up swallowing it and get sick. I didn't want to go to school, so I tested her theory and swallowed 3 pennies. Let me just say, I didn't get sick and still had to go to school!
  6. I eat grilled chocolate sandwiches! Trust me, they are yummy. They are just like grilled cheese, only you use a Hershey's chocolate bar instead of cheese! Tigardlilly knows, she has had them (come on, back me up on this!)!!
  7. In junior high, I was using Nair to thin my eyebrows...well some of it "globbed" over my eyebrow and I only had half of an eyebrow. I tried to cover it up with a band-aid, LOL!

OK, who should I tag??? I will tag all the people above who commented during the beginnings of my blog! If you see your name above, you are officially tagged!!


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Scrappy Girl said...

These are so had me laughing...the kids are looking at me like I am crazy...mmmmmm chocolate...Cutie Patootie thinks she is a cash hold out your hand and say "give it to me"...I once ended up with a quarter, nickel, and a penny! LOL...I can just see you with a bandaid on your face lOL...typical teenage tricks...Love it!

inara said...

congrats on getting a blog award!!! Thanks for mentioning me too! I can't wait until Saturday, it is going to be sooooooo fun!!!

Scrappy Girl said...

I mailed out my alternate shape inchies...I was only able to do one type because of my lack of scrappin' time. She said we could do one or two. I wanted to do two but it just wasn't possible.

I signed up for the Halloween 3x3 "inchie" swap due on October 25th. I've got my supplies ready. I just got to make them.

Marfa said...

I haven't been around AMR much're right. I started taking an online course: "Principles of Early Childhood Education" for 3 credit hours and its taking some of my time. Also, I've been reading a lot about the upcoming election. I loved reading everything. You know, there's something cool about Richard Simmon's...we had "Sweating to the Oldies" on videotape and I loved that! I wish I could capture that enthusiasm he has and bottle it up.

Marfa said...

Happy Birthday!!!

bodegalee said...

Just wanted to say "thanks for tagging me".. and sorry it's taken so long to respond.. Been out of town and then life's craziness set in! Hopefully tomorrow I can reply to the "tagged questions (altho having a hard time reading the questions, but have an idea what they are).. BTW happy bday! you got some very cool gifts. Everytime I see paper scrap stuff - I begin to froth at the mouth (ok not really, but...) I love digi but it's sooo not the same! My other (real-life) blog, altho doesnt have much to do with scrapping.., just crazy life stuff is:

Stuff on family life, special needs stuff, adoption and having fun :)

take care

Samantha said...

Thank you for the blog award! Sorry I've been a bad blogger lately and haven't been keeping up with everyone's posts. I looked through your recent posts, and you've been one busy girl! I love all your pages and cards. I also love seeing all the goodies you've been getting. Gotta love scrappin' stuff, right?!

Take care!!