Sunday, March 30, 2008

Another Layout

I am at it again. Please Mr. Mojo, don't leave me now!
These pictures are not the best, there are red eyes, blurry night setting pictures with moving kids, bad lighting, and one of the pics has a weird spot on it....but that is why I like them! I used the new American Crafts Amplified Line with the matching layered embellishments. This paper is awesome, and some of the magenta is metallic-ish. I HAD to use Stickles...Starry Night on the white flower centers, and Icicle on the blue birdies. I took close up pics of the stickles, but no matter what I did, they were blurry. Sorry about the shadows, it is very dark and late, lol!

Friday, March 28, 2008


I finally got to scrapbook. It was slow going, but I got 3 pages done...well 2 today, one last weekend. It feels good to be back at it.

This was done with all new stuff from my LSS, and Stickles on some of the "surf boards". You can't see it very well, but it is there!!

My Brother and Sis-In-Law went to the Raceway for the Marlboro Hot Laps. They were invited through Marlboro and got to ride in a Race Car and a Drift Car, how cool is that??

Check out the close up of the Stickles on this page! You know I gotta use Stickles! Don't ya just love white core??? My DH was amazed when I showed him that trick!

Did I mention I got a Silhouette?!?!?!?!? I DID! Paper Zone had all thier Quickutz on 1/2 price clearance, and lucky me....the store less than a mile from me got ALL the Quickutz from all the other stores. I got the very last Silhouette Paper Zone had. The price.....$184.50, WOW!!! I can't wait to learn more of the really technical stuff, so I have even more options, YEEEAAA!!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

As Promised

As promised in a previous post, I said I would post what I did at the crop......
I went to a crop last night and my cousin couldn't make it. The store (to be left unmentioned) wanted to still charge me the crop fee for her. After arguing with them and 2 phone calls to the owner, they finally agreed to let it go this time. As a thank you to the owner, I made her a quick thank you card. I hadn't brought any supplies with me, so a couple other gals let me use some of their supplies (thanks Kay and Kelley). I think it turned out just fine.

I spent my cropping time organizing my acrylic stamps-it took me forever!! After a few trials then I did n ot like, I ending up putting my stamps in between 2 8x8 transparancies and slipped them in an 8x8 album. I am still not satisfied with the outcome, but it is better than the ziplocs I was using before. I would love to find a way to store them with the orignal backing so I can see the stamp's image better. It is definately still a work in progress.

I didn't get around to organizing my ribbon last night, so I worked on it this morning while watching the Nascar race in Bristol. I took all my cheap spool-o-ribbon, cut about 3-4 feet off, and made my own "pull-eeze" ribbon holder that I can keep in my cropper hopper. Anything less than a foot is in my scraps ziplock baggie.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Beach Weekend

DH and I went to the beach this past weekend to visit my BF. While we had some time alone, we went to the beach and got some great pictures! We went to Rockaway Beach, and then Oceanside, both in Oregon in Tillamook County. The first day at Rockaway Beach, was a beautiful day at the Oregon Coast, especially in March!

This is us at Rockaway Beach, don't ya love timers? The fence post took this picture!

My Dear Husband, Cliff....He found a giganto walking stick!

So, this is me, trying to be less shy with the camera. Though it is not the most flattering photo ever, at least I was having fun!

A seagull, the second day at Oceanside. It was not sunny today!

I just love the beach in Oregon, no matter what the weather, I always have a great time. It is only 1-2 hours away, depending on where you go, I really should go more often! I am the type of person who can just hang out on/at the beach all day long and do nothing. I love the smells, sights, sounds of the beach. I don't need all the commercialization to have fun. I really enjoy the small beaches, they are less crowded. I don't need to shop, just put my feet in the sand, even if it is cold and wet!!!

I'm Lovin' It.......

....and I don't mean McDonalds!

I am absolutely loving my new job! We are getting tons of new stuff in from CHA, and I must have it. I am also getting some Technique Tuesday stuff, and inks! I found out, we were the first store TT sold out of, and 2 of our employees are on the TT design team how cool is that? I haven't had time in the last few weeks to create anything new other than cards, but I am going to a crop this Saturday, so hopefully I will get some stuff done then, and I can share it with you. Until then, here is my Easter card and St. Patrick's Day card. They have gone in the mail, so if you haven't gotten yours, it is on the way.
The Easter card I made 6 different colors, based on the paper I found that had 6 different colored strips on it, so I got 12 cards out of each 12x12 sheet. I loved making these, and used my cricut of course, along with stickles for the dots/nose, brads for the eyes, and a glaze pen for the whiskers.

The St. Patrick's Day card, was made with my cricut as well, what a fun project. I used the Design Studio and my George Cartridge and used the odd-shaped heart 4 times, rotated them in 4 directions, used the "J", welded them together and voila, a shamrock! The rotations are 45, 135, -45, and -135 degrees. I also rotated my "J" -8 degrees to get it a little angled for the stem. I HAD to use stickles, used them to make the vein in the leaves. I am also really loving ric rac ribbon right now.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Job At LSS!!!!!!!!!

After two weeks of interviewing and waiting, I was offered a job at my LSS, Scrapbook Attack! I am so excited. I found out Friday, but I was on my way out of town to the beach for the weekend, I just couldn't wait to tell everyone about my dream job! I wanted to post about it earlier, but didn't want to jinx my chances of getting the job. I start tomorrow. It is part-time and minimum wage, but I don't care!! Here's hoping I don't blow my whole paycheck on product!!!