Friday, March 28, 2008


I finally got to scrapbook. It was slow going, but I got 3 pages done...well 2 today, one last weekend. It feels good to be back at it.

This was done with all new stuff from my LSS, and Stickles on some of the "surf boards". You can't see it very well, but it is there!!

My Brother and Sis-In-Law went to the Raceway for the Marlboro Hot Laps. They were invited through Marlboro and got to ride in a Race Car and a Drift Car, how cool is that??

Check out the close up of the Stickles on this page! You know I gotta use Stickles! Don't ya just love white core??? My DH was amazed when I showed him that trick!

Did I mention I got a Silhouette?!?!?!?!? I DID! Paper Zone had all thier Quickutz on 1/2 price clearance, and lucky me....the store less than a mile from me got ALL the Quickutz from all the other stores. I got the very last Silhouette Paper Zone had. The price.....$184.50, WOW!!! I can't wait to learn more of the really technical stuff, so I have even more options, YEEEAAA!!


Scrappy Girl said...

Very cute work! I love the "Just the Girls" layout. I am looking forward to a Mommy/Daughter trip tomorrow to Scrapbook Expo.

tigardlilly said...

I'm an internet star! And on Crate Paper too! I love the layouts, the Marlboro backgound was pretty clever.

Erica Hettwer said...

Those are super cute! And, I am three shades of green over your latest purchase!!! Wow!!! Great price!

Let me know the next time you girls wanna crop.

I miss you! :D

Samantha said...

Great LO!! Love it :) Congrats on your latest purchase! That's a rocking good deal for that machine!

noel joy said...

you lucky ducky! i didn't know paper zone had all of their stuff on sale. have you played with your silhouette yet? congrats on the rockin' price.

love the new lo's. the stickles are awesome... i am so going to pick up that color now, too!

Kay said...

Woo Hoooooo! You are so gonna be rockin it now!! I can't wait to see all the great stuff you come up with. I love those LOs. So true on the Stickles. They are the greatest thing ever! lol

I may not be able to make it on the 5th. :( The hubs has to work. It will depend on if I can afford a sitter. Totally bummed.

inara said...

oh yeah!!!! I'm so happy for you about the silhoette!!!

scrappyhappy08 said...

Those are very cute LO's Nice work!!!!