Saturday, February 23, 2008

Blog Role Call Please

I am looking for lots of scrappy blogs, but it is taking hours on CKMB. If you are not on my blog list, let me know by giving my your blog address, your CKMB name if applicable, and tell me where you found my blog. Also, if you know of any other blogs out there that I should know about, let me know as well, with the above info. Thanks so much!!!

Saturday, February 16, 2008

A Four Hour Title!!

Do you ever do a layout and struggle with a title? What scrapbooker doesn't! I spent 1 hour staring at this layout, and finally decided on "lifting" the NASCAR Logo!! After working on that for a while, I spent the next 2 hours looking for the right font..the font most resembling NASCAR's font is ITC Machine..for sale only, UGHH! I finally found Hollywood Hills from Dafont, which is close enough. So then I spend the next hour in Word, fine tuning the font and cutting and VOILA, a sweet title!! I also hand cut the flames and used my new stickles, yay! I still feel like the page is lacking something, but I can't think of anything other than ribbon and flowers, which won't really work on this "guy" page.

This is my DH and Brother playing NASCAR 2008 on PS2 with thier steering wheels. My Bro is a die-hard NASCAR fan (note the racing helmet), and has gotten me hooked big time! That is ok though, I got his wife hooked on scrapbooking-lol!
Here is the NASCAR logo. Sorry it is pixelated, only has small pictures to save.

Friday, February 15, 2008

More Valentine's Day Cards!!!

The day after Valentine's Day, and I have 7 more V-Day cards to share! I am still waiting on 3 cards, I am sure they will come shortly. I am really loving this card swap, so much, that I signed up for an easter swap!!!
This one came with a BONUS....A Studio G Stamp! Thank you Jen!!!

Monday, February 11, 2008

V-Day Cards #2

I got 2 more cards today! I am always excited to get scrappy mail and cards, but who isn't right? I love both of these cards. I still can't decide if the bottom right corner on the first cardis supposed to be folded, or if it was a mailing accident, but I do like it! I also love the bling and embossing on the second card. I can't wait till tomorrow, and the next day, and the next day; well, you get the idea!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Another CKMB Crop Get-Together

Once again I got together with some CKMBers at a LSS. This time we went to Scrapbook Attack. There were more of us this time, and I don't think that crop room has ever been this exciting and noisy! We had such a blast. I feel bad for the employee, because at the end of the night, there were 6 people with cameras and we all wanted a picture of the group!

Left to Right: tigardlilly (Laura), kaydrenth (Kay), KelsBells (Kelley), Melegs (Erica), melonscraps (Marilyn), Kimmo (Kim), Inara (Christina).

We are going to try to do a monthly crop and rotate the location each month. We are hoping we can get more people to come in the future!

CKMB Valentine's Card Swap

I am part of one of the CKMB Valentine's Day Card Swaps. There are a total of 25 people participating, including myself. So far I have received 12 cards, so I am still expecting 12 more. I will post those when I get them. For now, here are the first 12 (including CKMB Name), as well as the one I sent out.



Scrapper Lady









Stickles, Stickles, Stickles!!!

I am finally on my way to a complete Stickles collection! I picked up 8 more tonight, for a grand total of 17 colors. I will be getting the rest in three weeks at the Portland Creating Keepsakes Convention. I can't wait. Till then, I will admire my sparkly rainbow of bliss!!