Monday, April 14, 2008

Weekend Scrappin'

I spent the entire weekend at Inara's house scrappin! I spent 2 nights, and surprisingly, I didn't get a whole lot done! Tigardlilly, Kaydrenth, and Melegs were also there. We had a blast, as usual. It was way better than at a store, we could say whatever we wanted, and could go as late as we wanted. There is nothing like scrappin' all night long, going to bed at 6 am, and getting up at 10 am to scrap some more! I spent some time in Christina's backyard, trying out some techniques on my camera in effort to improve my photography skills. I just have a simple 6.1 megapixel point and shoot, but it works just fine for me and my budget. I took tons, but that is the beauty of digital pictures. These are the ones I think are spectacular, for me anyway.

Except for this one. I am trying to figure out how to blur the background, but this one blurred my focus object, and focus midway through. I can't seem to figure this one out. I guess it is a good photo, in it's own strange way.

ATC Love

I have wanted a 7 Gypsies ATC spinner since the day I saw them, and I finally got one! I chose the 4x6 size so that I can do more with them. I started the project this weekend, and did a card for each of the CKMB girls I cropped with. I plan on having tabs to seperate different sections of my spinner. On the backs, I have some info on the person I made the card of. It was a lot of fun, and I can't wait to add to this.

Store Demo Pages

At the LSS I work at, we got a new shipment of Glitz. I got to take home a few items to make store demo pages. I wasn't too excited about the product, but after seeing them on the page, I ended up liking them-especially the owls!!. I worked on them this weekend, and here is what I came up with.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008


Ok, so I am a little late on this frenzy, but when the CKMB started talking about this Fiskars Threading Water Border Punch, I had to have it. Being broke, I knew I couldn't afford, let alone find it!! So, I talked to my boss, and she ordered them! We got them in today, so I finally got it!! YAY!! I am sure I will be posting soon with layouts using this cool punch!!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Block Head

OK, so as I struggle to get new people checking out my blog, I am probably committing Blogger Suicide, but I can't help it. I was (and apparently still am) a die-hard New Kids On The Block, NKOTB, fan. They are officially getting back together, have been recording, and are currently setting up a tour!!!!! yippeeeeeee. Yeah, I am a dork! I check out their website almost everyday for new news. If they come to town, I will be there, along with my "secret" ckmb local girls who are fellow fans as well-you know who you are, I won't tell!!! I am a Jon girl, I used to have so much memorabilia, but lost it when I couldn't pay my storage unit fees in AZ, c'est la vie. In closing, here is my past obsession! No matter what happens, it will not take away from my love/obsession with scrap booking!
Joey McIntyre, Jon Knight, Donnie Wahlberg, Jordan Knight, Danny Wood

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Not Much Going On

Well, I really want to blog, but there hasn't been anything going on! My LSS, Scrapbook Attack, had a raffle tonight, where they gave away an IPOD, a Quikutz Revolution, a Quikutz Silhouette, and various little things. 3 of my CKMB buddies were there, and 2 of them won!!
Tigardlilly won a super cute card organizer from Adorn It....

Melegs won the QK Revolution....

It was SUPER COOL for them, I am happy they won. I, of course, wasn't eligible!

What else, OH! Melegs, again, had posted this awesome tutorial on a mini book using 1 piece of cardstock. I finally got around to making one. Click here is her tutorial. I am not done with mine though, I just got all the paper on, but here are some pics so far...

I finally got around to doing something with all those Valentine's Day Cards I got from the CKMB Swap. I totally lifted this from tigardlilly-I even used her Bind-It-All! I need to get a bigger set of rings though, my book won't close!! I "painted" Stickles on the red cardstock, then used the Stickles as a glue and put the white scalloped oval on top of it. I used my Silhouette!! I used transparencies to hold the cards with Zipdry, and punched the acrylic itself, this way I can see all of the card. I will be doing something similar for my Easter cards, I will wait a couple more weeks, just in case more show up.