Monday, April 14, 2008

Weekend Scrappin'

I spent the entire weekend at Inara's house scrappin! I spent 2 nights, and surprisingly, I didn't get a whole lot done! Tigardlilly, Kaydrenth, and Melegs were also there. We had a blast, as usual. It was way better than at a store, we could say whatever we wanted, and could go as late as we wanted. There is nothing like scrappin' all night long, going to bed at 6 am, and getting up at 10 am to scrap some more! I spent some time in Christina's backyard, trying out some techniques on my camera in effort to improve my photography skills. I just have a simple 6.1 megapixel point and shoot, but it works just fine for me and my budget. I took tons, but that is the beauty of digital pictures. These are the ones I think are spectacular, for me anyway.

Except for this one. I am trying to figure out how to blur the background, but this one blurred my focus object, and focus midway through. I can't seem to figure this one out. I guess it is a good photo, in it's own strange way.


inara said...

awww, it's my yard!!! those pictures look awesome!!!

tigardlilly said...

I'm glad you did take that pic of you know what!!!

Ria, Craftyria, Tiggeria said...

To blur the background, use the macro setting on your camera. Get as close as you can to the subject and make sure the camera focuses on the subject.

The macro setting on your camera (looks like a flower usually) will allow you to get really close to your subject, closer than your would otherwise.