Thursday, May 1, 2008

Mini Book Parade

I am sorry it has been a while, but you will see why! I have been making mini books for my store as store samples, using papers that are not selling. There is a lot to share, so I will make the photos small. Well, After 30 mins of uploading, I forgot to take it off center, so they cannot be side by side to take up less space-it is a long post, lol.
Trying to only use products we sell, I was limited to a few embellishments that I had on had. You will see lots of Prima flowers, stickles, rhinestones, brads, etc. The ribbons and some embellishments were provided by the store, along with all the paper. I gotta say, I am loving this!
Please forgive the crude photos, I gotta stop taking photos at night, lol! Someday, I will get a better camera too, that will help.

I saw this foldable scrapbook on CKMB or AMR, can't remember. It was a video on YouTube, very cool idea. I think it is by Close To My Heart, not sure though. I used Daisy Bucket Designs, it has a really awesome wall papery texture, love it! It is very cute paper.

This is what I call a flip-flop album. I got the idea from Kelsbells on CKMB. 2 pieces of CS, 2 pieces of coordinating printed paper and glue it all together. When done, you flip the pages one way, they all are the same design, flip it all over again, they are all the same with design #2. It is hard to explain, hopefully the pictures will explain it. This time I used American Crafts Celebration line, not because we can't sell it, just wanted to.

This mini-book was done using Tinkering Ink, Provincal (spelling?) line. They make beautiful paper, but people won't buy it. This is another of Melegs/Erica Hettwer's 1 piece CS minis. There are no pictures, mostly because I had none. It works well for customers, because it will show off more of the paper.

This is a double page LO using the leftovers from the above mini book.


noel joy said...

these turned out so well! thanks for posting them for me! you're the best!

Erica Hettwer said...

Those are adorable. And, they work! I want some more of that Daisy Bucket paper!!! :D

inara said...

super cute!!!!

Kay said...

Oh so very cute!! I like the color combos you used. Thanks for the link on that first one. I'm gonna give that a shot. Does the paper on that one come with that inked look or did you have to do that. I'm bad at that kind of thing. You need to show me how to do it. That second one is cute too. Show me? Hope to see ya soon! Call me!

Kay said...

Hey there! Can you email me a quick how to on that second mini book? The one that Kelsbells showed you. We are going to see some friends in Seattle on Monday and I really want to make them one. It doesn't have to be really detailed just enough to give me an idea. Thanks!