Saturday, May 24, 2008

My New Scrap Corner

So, here was my scrap corner before.
Here is hubby helping me with my new wall name.
Here is my couch and coffee table, covered in my scrap supplies that were on top of the table and shelves.
TA DA!! Here is my new space. It isn't a whole lot different, but I was able to bring a lot of my goodies out to make them more available, and spread my cramped supplies out more so it is easier to get to. I also pulled out my under-cabinet lights I bought almost 2 years ago, they really help light up my table.
These are my new file cabinets. Full of stuff already!
I bought a wire shelf system on clearance a few months ago, and just got around to using it. Unfortunately, most the hardware was missing, as was part of the rod to hang the racks on. I pulled out an old curtain rod and used zipties to attach to my shelf bracket. I know it is ghetto, but it works for now. This allowed me to make my own version of a clip-it-up using jump rings and binder clips (more ghetto).
Here is one side of my scrap table.

The other side of my scrap table.
This is the cabinet on the left side of my table. It is pretty much the same, just moved all my altered projects to the basket to the right of my new filing cabinets, and it is less crowded inside. I love this cabinet, eventhough it is ugly!
Just for fun, here are the boys, cuddling up in a box!

Another fun note, it hardly ever thunder and lightnings here, it is right now though. I love the sounds! I have my back door open, and am enjoying listening to the rumbling!


inara said...

Looks awesome! how have you been anyway??? I thought the thunder and lightning was awesome too!!!

Kay said...

What a nice scrubby you have! WTG on the space rearranging. I will be setting up my closet this week. We shall see how it goes. I wish gas prices weren't so high or that we didn't live so far apart. I miss ya!

Anonymous said...

marilyn, your space looks great!!! how you arraned everything...
;) angie (craftyscrapr)

scrapamac said...

It's very cool marilyn I like it