Sunday, May 25, 2008

Holy Scraps Batman!!

My scrap space reorg was inspired by the new file cabinet which I purchased in lieu of new drawers for my scraps with needed a home. Not having anymore money to buy before mentioned drawers, I emptied out my rolling drawers into filing cabinets, and VOILA, I have drawers for my scraps. Do you think I need them???
Trust me, this picture does no justice in portraying the amount of scraps that I have. Being the cardstock snob I am, I am separating my bazzill scraps from the rest of the cardstock. I have more sorting to do, I just hope it is easy to find scraps now, and maybe I can start using them. Most of this paper is old and ugly, but I am determined to find a use for it all.


inara said...

I don't know, bazzill does kind of grow on ya...:)

Marilyn said...

Christina, are you becoming a Bazzill girl after all? lol