Thursday, May 8, 2008

Operation Clean Sweep...Day 1

Ok, I am going to show myself in all my splendor-or NOT! Basically, I am a slob. I am going to share me, as I am in real life (irl). Please don't think bad things, the icky stuff always goes in the garbage! Problem is, my scrapspace is usually pretty clean, as you can see!
This allows me to ignore everything else and just play all day. That is going to change right now! See my lovely, clean, scrap space? Say goodbye for now! It is now going to house everything that needs a home, until my house is clean once again and the clutter put away! I will leave a tiny space for checking email and such, but I am cutting myself off from scrapping till I can clear off my table! What a reward that will be huh?!
For now, here is the rest of my house. If I can't be honest with strangers, how can I be honest with myself, right? I can't believe I am showing this, but accountability always helps me.....

Here is my Spare Room

Here is my Bedroom

Here is my Living Room

Here is my Laundry Room and Bathroom

Luckily, I have already cleaned my Kitchen, so you don't have to see all my dirty dishes!!

So, in closing, now that you have seen all this, I am still the same person, but will focus more on my house and use scrapping as a reward. A cool hubby is a video game junkie! I am adding his video game mess to my table, and he can't play games till the house is cleaned up too! Now that I am not working, at the moment anyway, I am going to be a domestic goddess, but I need lots of help, well, encouragement! This being the entire purpose of this post, honesty and accountability. I will post pics of my progress in the near future.


inara said...

Good for you1 Glad you have your priorities straight!!! why aren't you working right now??? what happened???? email me!!!

Kay said...

Go Marilyn Go!!! You can totally do this! I too have been in the same place until about 2 weeks ago. What I do now is for every task I complete, I get 15 min on the computer. Also with laundry (the one thing I like to do) I make sure I only do ONE LOAD START TO FINISH. That means I don't even start the next load until the last one is totally put away. I know that seems crazy but it really works. This way the clean stuff doesn't pile up.

Good Luck!!!

Kay said...

Oh and make sure you set a timer fo that 15 min! ;)

Marla said...

Hey Marilyn:

Email me or call me, how come you aren't working right now? I hope everything is OK. Not sure if you got my email or not, Jeremy got laid off in Manzanita. We are both looking for jobs:) and there are some possibilities in the works. Please call me or email me!

Love ya!