Saturday, January 3, 2009

{another day}

I am gonna get right down to business...
I got this RAK today in the mail from Pinky, I won it for commenting on her blog when she got published!
Coincidentally, it is also my Project 365 photo for today, 1-3!
Back to my 2008 in Review. I have too many pics to share, so this is only 2 months...
I got a new scrap area, inspired by my new file cabinets, that cost $5.50 each! Hubby even decided to help out!
Then Hubby had a birthday, he got lots of NASCAR stuff, especially from my bro! Do you think Cliff liked it??
Then I got fed up with my slobbiness, so I instituted Operation Clean Sweep, and here and here.
June brought the Portland Rose Festival, always a hit for us!
Fireworks Spectacular
The Starlight Parade, with special guest...Kaydrenth
THen the grand-daddy of them all, The Grand Floral Parade, which we camped out overnight on the sidewalk for the late morning parade.
My other brother came to town, so we hit the arcade and batting cages, remember that story?
I got some layouts done this Monday, at our Monday Scrap Night! I didn't design any of these, they were kits from past CKCs that I never got done.
These first 2 were from Fabulous Felt in Seattle 2007
The rest of these were all from Simple Scrapbook's 1,2,3,4x6 class in Portland 2008.
That is all I have for now, there will more tomorrow, as I have more of 2008 to share and a new one from 2009!
Oh yeah, AMR is having an anniversary weekend crop this coming weekend! I am super excited about it! There will be TONS of challenges, games, classes, and RAKs! I suggest you hop over there, get signed up with the message board, check it out a bit, and plan to be there next Friday night and Saturday! Be there or be square, LOL!!

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Scrappy Girl said...

I was in my schoolhouse and finally found my last CK magazine. It was driving me crazy that I couldn't remember the name of the photo project I am doing. I also wanted the wonderful list of 365 photo ideas. I knew you were a subscriber and I wanted to tell you to check it out. I found it and then when I got on here this called it "Project 365" in your post and I said, "I guess she found it too." LOL!

I took the list of 365 ideas and went through and marked out the ones I will definitely not be taking this year (cross country skiing) and then highlighted in yellow the ones I have already done.

I am really glad you are back to blogging.