Monday, June 2, 2008

A Busy Weekend

First off, thank you all of you who added me to your reader, today I checked and I have 9 subscriptions! WOOOO HOOOOO. Thank you everyone, this totally made my night. I literally screamed with excitement, my husband thought something was wrong!
Being that Portland is "The Rose City", this weekend was the start of the annual Portland Rose Festival. We celebrated in our usual style with the Fireworks Spectacular on Friday and the Starlight Parade on Saturday.
Friday, the fireworks....
First, Tigardlilly showed me the panoramic feature and I tried it. My camera won't stitch it, so I had to use the camera software, but I think it turned out pretty cool! This is Downtown Portland. Across the river, is the Fun Center for the festival. Isn't this a beautiful city???

We went to see the replica of Columbus's Nina, and I tried to snap this photo. Now we all know what happens when the automatic lens cover doesn't open all the way. It turned out to be a neat picture anyway, I think.


Saturday, the parade....

First, the parade is at night, so we adorn ourselves with glow-sticks-who says we can't be kids?!? Therefore, I bought this hat off the souvenier cart that parades itself up and down the street before and during(ugh) the parade. If I look pink, it is because I am! I got a wonderful sunburn the day before waiting for the fireworks.This is our spot, taken from the top story of the parking garage we parked in! Still figuring out how to use photoshop, I crudely circled our spot!

Lastly, I went to work today to work on some stuff, and found these goodies!

We R Memory Keepers "Promenade" Paper Kit, 2 Hambly Transparancy sheets, and 3 Making Memories paints.


This weekend, we are going to the Grand Floral Parade, which is usually televised nationally, so check it out (NBC). It is similar to the Rose Bowl Parade in that everything is natural, be it flowers, seeds, fauna of any kind. This year, they outlawed saving your spot till the day before (then only in person), so to ensure we get a spot among the 500,000-1,000,000 spectators who show up, I am going downtown Friday morning to get our spot and save it. My husband was going to hang with me, but he may end up having to work Friday and Saturday (he normally doesn't work those days) because the other guy quit. He works 4 days a week, 10 hours a day, so 60 hours in total this week, or so it looks. Anywho, tigardlilly will join me in the afternoon, after she gets the kids. We literally camp on the sidewalk. It is boring, yet exciting at the same time. Tradition, tradition. The only change this year, is the absence of duct tape and that we have to be there very early. I will be there, on the sidewalk, for a grand total of at least 28 hours. It is worth it!!


inara said...

hey chickee-looks like you're having fun. I love those Hambly overlay thingys. And how do I find out how many subscribers my blog has? I'm dying to know...and of course I can't for the life of me figure it out. Believe me, I've tried!

tigardlilly said...

Maybe I should bring my table and we can have a sidewalk crop! Hahahahahahaha

Scrappy Girl said...

Looks like you have been having lots of fun. My computer is healthy now and I hope to blog regularly again. It was fun reading your posts and catching up! Love the excitement of the parade!

scrapamac said...

how did you circle that?