Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Michael's or BUST

I went to Michael's for the first time in months and found some more goodies. Why is it when you get home, it doesn't look like you got as much as you think you did? This is what $28.00 looks like after coupons and sales.
I got some of the SEI Papers, they were by the baskets and are technically for decorating, but I thought they were cute. .59 papers were on sale for .25!
Used my 50% off coupon for some Bazzill Bling, I paid only $7.50 for this sweet package! Then I found a few more Studio G Stamps. I bought 2 of the alphabets so I can use 2 of the same letters at the same time instead of trying to line up the same letter 2 times.
These alphabet stamps were on sale for $3.00! I needed more ABCs!

I also got some wood frames for a buck each, and the foam brushes were on sale for 20/$1.00! I also bought my first mod podge (2.99 w/ 40% off), now what to do with it!
In case you are adding up in your head and realize something is off since I spent exactly $28 and it doesn't add up here....The cashier messed up and charged me for 2 extra foam brushes (.05 each) and took the 50% off on one of the frames. She fixed that, but had deleted one of the frames in the process and left that discount on. So basically I spent $1.50 on 3 frames plus the extra .10 on brushes. I still made out on the deal though. I was going to go back to make good, but she was not the brightest person, and this was already too much for her to handle. This was after she forgot to ring up the Bazzill, which is why the frame was discounted. She added it on twice, then had to do a return on one of the Bazzill pads and then insisted I fill out the return slip. I told her I didn't feel the need to expose more of my personal info since I didn't initiate the return. She said she needed it to make the return "look legit" so my address is "legitimately" 1234 Main Street, Your Town USA!! If I were "Michael" (see below), I don't know if I would want someone who referred to herself as "acting like a special person" handling my affairs.
While at the register for 15 minutes, my 12 yr old nephew asks me "who owns this store?". I said "Michael". He asked again, "What is his last name?". I told him "Michaels". He caught on that I was joking. At least I thought it was funny.

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