Tuesday, June 24, 2008

So Many Changes

If you are wondering where I have been, I have been working! I had no idea how little time you have while you maintain a full-time job, 48 hours a week with 2 hours commuting, plus I am still working for SBA, which isn't a lot, but is still stuff to do . YIKES, I haven't even had the energy/time to blog, or post on message boards, or scrapbook. I have had the desire though. I currently have over 200 posts to read in my Google Reader, countless challenges to catch up on, a house to clean, sleep to make up for, a crop to pack for, DVRs to catch up on, and NO TIME TO DO IT! If all this is true, why is my scrap table trashed?! Well, I did make a card for my sister-in-law's birthday on Sunday. I took a pic but of course haven't had time to upload it.
Oh yeah, as if that is not enough going on, I just gave my 30-day notice and now have to start packing all our stuff. We are moving back in with the parents-yes, I said BACK in. This will be failure number 5 for us. My parents' house is a tiny 2 bedroom duplex with one bathroom, and our room is tiny. I will do anything to keep my scrap stuff available, including squeezing our fat butts in a full size bed as opposed to our king size we are in now! Even more, before we can move, I have to reorganize their disastrous single-car garage to make room for all our stuff to be stored indefinitely. It is a sad day when 2 full time incomes only equal $1800 take home a month, and you still can't afford to pay all your bills/living expenses.
You might ask if things can get even more hectic? Yes they can, this is what happens when you quit your full-time job to take a part-time scrapbook store job and then it doesn't work out. We just lost our internet/cable/and most of our phone service and the electricity is about to go. Thank goodness Hell's Kitchen is on regular TV or I would be devastated! We may end up moving sooner if we lose our power. We will just spend lots of evenings at our crappy apartment packing and cleaning, which we will need to do anyway. Once again, no time for scrapping and all things associated with it. Thank goodness I work for my dad again and he lets me play online while I wait for the phone to ring or for something to do.
I will try to update more regularly during this process, though pics will be difficult as the computer here at work is a dinosaur and doesn't have a USB port and I can't email from home to here. I can't even use a floppy, as the floppy drive doesn't work! Hmmm, note to self, ask "daddy" to let me upgrade this computer!! You might also be wondering why on earth I would expose myself in this way....I don't know! lol Happy Blogging!

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