Friday, January 30, 2009

I Have Been A Scrappin' Fool...

...and a bit obsessed with Twilight, lol! I am on the last book and am totally hooked on it! I will admit, I haven't really been reading, but listening to it on Youtube, that is how I have been able to do so much scrappin'!! I have a few inches of layouts to share, tons of challenges I have done, the rest of 2008 in review, some ATCs, RAKS, etc. A total of 81 photos to share, but don't worry, I will break it down into a few posts! Even though I haven't been blogging (or reading blogs), I have been scrapping!
First on the list, finish my 2008 Year In Review...
I celebrated my 34th Birthday.
Tigardlilly and I got to see Weezer in concert.
Cliff and I celebrated our 8th anniversary.
Tigardlilly and I took the kids to the pumpkin patch for pumpkins and the corn maze.
Kaydrenth, Inara, Tigardlilly and myself had our Own Private Scrapbook Convention.
Macy's Holiday Parade
Cisco turned 6.
Cliff and I put up Christmas lights
It snowed, a lot!
That is is for 2008. It was a fairly boring year, and I am glad it is over! I look forward to this year, I have great expectations, and I will ENDURE whatever comes my way!
I know I mentioned scrapping, and it was my intent to share some of that, but then realizing the amount of photos, that will come tomorrow (or later today as it is 2 am here). I will work very hard on blogging more, and keeping up with my Google Reader, which is how I read all the blogs I subscribe to. I will work more on leaving comments on your blogs, as I know how much I love them and how important that is to have. Other than the emotional lift it gives me, I love to know that people are still reading my blog. With that in mind, I will be leaving more comments myself! I have missed all of you, and will do all I can to blog for you more often! Oh yeah, I gave up on Project 365, I fell behind, and realized that I could never keep up with it. Oh well, it isn't like I don't have enough to do, right?!

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Scrappy Girl said...

What! Gave up Project 365! You slacker! LOL...Just kidding. Um...yeah I think you have your plate loaded with all this scrappy fun!