Sunday, January 4, 2009

This Is Going To Be A Great Winter!!

It snowed again tonight, around an inch or so, but it was REALLY good packing snow, unlike the stuff we had a couple weeks ago. I made a little snowman, as I didn't have a lot of energy to be bending over in the cold, wet snow! Isn't he just adorable?? Cliff took this photo, with high ISO...I am loving the way the snowflakes are brightened up with the flash! Too bad it is raining now :(
Project 365 for today, 1-4, me and my snowman!

2008 In Review....
We celebrated the 4th of July.

We went to Oak's Park, a little amusement park. Check out the resident owl at the carousel!
I got accepted for the Scrapbook Challenges Design Team, prompting a photo shoot. This one is just for fun.
And this layout was chosen as the monthly winner at Scrapbook Cafe, a LSS in NJ.
We had a great vacation, first we went to Great Wolf Lodge, an indoor water park. I will NOT be going on the Howlin' Tornado again...I got off and actually cried, lol!
We spend a couple nights in Newport, had another blast!
Got a much needed haircut, with Tigardlilly.
That is all I have for today...Will be back tomorrow with more, plus Scrapbook Challenges!

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Scrappy Girl said...

What a cute little snowman! About the only thing I could make here is a mudpie! LOL!