Sunday, July 6, 2008

Fourth Of July and More

I hope you all have a safe and fun 4th! I know we did. I said I would have pictures from the 4th of July fireworks, here they are. I got some great shots, here are just a few of them.

I got some shots of the kids, waiting for the show to start...not bad for not being able to see anything on the screen to line up the shot!!

Before the fireworks, I was able to organize my ribbon, finally, with these new containers I found on sale at JoAnne's! All the ribbon, except the bottom tray, is on floss cards. The bottom tray has ribbon on spools , the next one up has the fattest ribbon, the next has medium ribbon, the next has skinny ribbon, and the top as floss/fibers. The trays all stack together into one easily transportable container. I think this will work out for me.

I also finished up my Summer themed ATCs for AMR. This is what I came up with.


Today I worked on the next "Book About Me" challenge for AMR...This is the cover page. I really couldn't think of what to do, so until I think of something else, this will have to do.

Here is the close up of the "inchies" I made for it. I just put matching rhinestones over the dots already on the paper..

This is the pocket page we were supposed to make for the same challenge. The pockets are meant to hold keepsakes, ie birth certificate, clippings, announcements, etc. I just adhered the entire page to the inside of the album. In order to show the pocket, I stuck some paper in there. My keepsake documents are currently scanned and in the computer waiting for editing. I don't want to use the originals, and my mom was nice enough to tape the stuff in there and over the years the glue from the tape has turned brown.
Here is a close up of the stickled title.
I am so excited to be doing this album. At one/two pages every two weeks, this is very manageable. By the end of the year, we will have an entire album about ourselves!


Thanks for checking out my blog, feel free to leave me comments...I love them, it also lets me know who is checking it out.


inara said...

What beautiful work, Marilyn! Great job!

Scrappy Girl said...

Love all that work! The birth records title is gorgeous. You are definitely addicted to Stickles. Don't ya just love to find a product you can't quit using! Stickles are great!

Jingle said...

Your AAM pages look great! I love how you used the scalloped circle for your pocket! So creative! It looks great!

inara said...

I gave you an award, better come check it out on my blog!!!

Whitney said...

Your album is awesome. I love the pocket. The pics of the fireworks!!!! Wow!!! You got some great shots!