Tuesday, July 22, 2008

I Am Way To Excited To Wait!

Before I can tell you what I am so excited about, I have to lay out the history...
Tigardlilly had given me some of her dyed "skittles" a couple months ago, and I love them so much. I don't want to ask her for more since she already gave me quite a few, so I have been accepting the fact that this is all I will ever recieve and have been dealing with that realization, all the while knowing they will be gone after a while. Don't you just hate the phrase, "when they are gone, they're gone!"?
Now for the excitement....Laura called me at work to tell me she is at the Beaverton Michaels, which we have both searched multiple times for more "skittles" with no luck! Needless to say, Laura checked again, and there they were, 1 pack of blue, and 3 clear! She only wants 1 clear, so she is picking up the other 2 for me! I can't begin to tell you how excited I am!!!! What is so exciting about clear skittles you may ask? Check out tigardlilly's post about dying skittles, and here is her tutorial!! Now, what should I do with my 8 JoAnne coupons I have??? hmmm, I think I am going to stock up on alcohol inks, tonight!!! The cool thing, is that all 8 have different SKUs, so I can use them all in one transaction!!
What else can I do with these inks? Oh yeah, Ali Edwards was at Tim Holtz's booth at CHA using alcohol ink on transparancies!! How cool is that!?! I have to do more research on it when I get home to find some cool links. I did find a lot however on some of the blogs I read, which are over on my side bar, in case you can't wait till I get home. Unfortunately, I can't remember which ones, and my dinosaur here at work just takes too long, sorry.
Check back later, on this post, as I will upload pictures of my goodies tonight when I get home! That is still a long time till I get off at 6, and since I also have to meet with my landlord tonight at 7 to do my move out walk-through.
Here's hoping I don't go crazy waiting to get there, and here's hoping they don't suddenly sell out of the inks before I get there! lol
I will post later this evening with pics, I promise!!
As promised, here are some pics I took!!!

Of course, all stamps, stamp sets, and stamp pads were on sale for 30%. Why do they do that when they have tons of coupons, everything is on sale, grrrr. Being in the bad mood I was in, I argued with them saying I want the 40% off, since the alcohol inks didn't fall into any of those categories. The manager had the cashier change the prices for me and quickly made this rude comment..."I don't know why, I have never had anyone complain that something was on sale". Well I wasn't complaining, just making a point. Anywho, I got them and that is all that matters. I think I will take the rest of my Jo's coupons, head to Mike's and get the other sets of inks that Jo's didn't have, not to mention, I grabbed 2 of the same sets! Now I have to go back and exchange them.


Marfa said...

Your scrapping space looks great...how long will you be there??

tigardlilly said...

I have horrible news, I was mugged at twezzer point and he got away with all the skittles!

KJ-Starre said...

Your scrapping space is amazingly organized...you must be loving it!!

Thanks for the tips with the skittles..Sam sent me some because you can't get them here.
Wow! what amazing specials you guys get...no wonder you have such cool stash all the time.

Scrappy Girl said...

Skittle envy...LOL!

I love how you dyed them. Here I have looked for them and the Mike's associates just look at me like I have lost my mind.

scrapamac said...

I want some of those lol