Thursday, July 24, 2008

Stamp Happy

AMR is not having thier usual Scrap Chat Hour this week, where we are paired up with another member to swap ATCs. One of the gals suggested we do the swap anyway. I was thrilled to find out we are still swapping! This week's theme is a hobby, other than scrapbooking! I really struggled with this, as I am pretty much obsessed with scrappin and all things related. After a number of prototypes and very colorful fingers, I came up with this! I tried to use a different application technique for the Stickles on each flower/color. Do you think I used enough Stickles???
These are the supplies I used for this ATC. Yes, count 'em, 7 different colors of Stickles! I also used this Technique Tuesday stamp, Kabloom! Don't forget about those Studio G wood mounted letter stamps.
As much as I enjoy doing ATCs, I am really struggling with creating them. I feel like they are lacking something, or that they are not good enough. I want them to be fabulously amazing! I will continue on my ATC pursuit of perfection. I still have one more ATC to design for AMR, an alphabet swap with all 26 letters, I chose "M". I also have to start figuring out some inchies for a couple other swaps at AMR.
I am off to bed, I haven't gotten more than 4-5 hours of sleep in one night all week long. For me, that is bad, as I am one of those people who need 8-10 each night-even with my bi-pap, a machine for my sleep apnea (what an amazing piece of machinery)!!


Scrappy Girl said...

Hello...your name is Marilyn...and you are addicted to Stickles...

Just in case you were in denial, I thought I would have an intervention. LOL!

I have NEVER made a ATC believe it or not. You make me want to unpack my stuff and do it!

Warning: If Dr. Hubby comes home while the dining room table is buried under my scrap stuff...I am going to blame you and send him to your blog. LOL! Happy Friday!

Scrappy Girl said...

The school house is ALMOST done. It is haycutting time here and unfortunately that comes before my schoolhouse.

I am sure alot of people come to my blog thinking scrappy girl=scrapbooking posts. I hope to have it done and me moved into by September 1st!

I'm not holding my breath though...

Kay said...

Nothin' like some stickles goodness to make your day. That is so pretty!