Monday, August 18, 2008

A Better Way

I found a better way to deal with all those challenges/Swaps. This is so much better than bookmarking, printing all the pages, constantly creating and changing word documents, and losing due dates!
I got this flipable photo frame at the dollar store and altered it! I write down what the challenge/swap is, who/what it is for, the due date, and a brief description of what I am supposed to do!
I slide the 4x6 card into the little page protectors, in due date order.
Here is the back! It is REALLY cheap quality and the legs won't stay open. A little ribbon to hold it open and now it will sit on my desk in plain view where I won't lose the info or forget about it!
As I was finishing this up, yet another challenge was posted on AMR, so I just moved the cards around and the new one got added into the frame in order! I think this will work out for me really well. I can put the dates on a calendar on my computer, but don't always check it. I can put the dates into a little organizer (for your purse), but I won't look at it a lot either. This way, it is right in front of me, it looks pretty, and I don't anticipate losing it or forgetting about it! What prompted this? I forgot about a blog challenge that I was very excited to do. I was so bummed, I set out immediately to find something that works.


Kay said...

That is brilliant!! Gotta get me one of those!!! Maybe next payday. :( I've already spent my blow money for this week and I haven't even goten it yet! lol

inara said...

very cute projects! thanks for the nice things you wrote on my blog. I think we should crop for my birthday in September. I have a couple of Saturday nights free in September.

Stacy said...

Love that idea. Love your new blog format too! The yellow is very pretty!

KJ-Starre said...

Great idea...I like that little frame thingie...very organised. Great new blog look!!! :o)

P.S Sorry you missed the time tho.

Scrappy Girl said...

Cute idea! I love altering items.