Monday, May 11, 2009


I woke up to more scrappy mail today, and you know how I love to share it all! Woke up with mail you ask? Not working and staying up late give you the ability to sleep in! There is nothing better than ignoring your husband trying to wake you up, fall back asleep, then get woken up again hearing, "you got scrappy mail!" Yes, that is exactly what he says too!! LOL
This is what I got back for the Birds, Bees, Frogs, and Flies swap I did at Split Coast. You can see the one I did here!
I also got a Scrap Chat Hour (AMR) ATC today from Kelliannie! She makes such wonderful stuff! I feel honored to be able to swap with her! The theme was free choice!
Have I ever told you that I am addicted to swaps??? I love 'em! I love making the ATCs, and I love getting them just as much! Only 3 people have signed up for my Fairytale swap over at Split Coast, hopefully that will change really soon, it is a bit discouraging. I have 2 swaps going at AMR, one if full, the other is close to full! I can't wait to get those done. ACK, I just remembered the challenge I posted at AMR for NSD! They had to make an ATC to commemorate National Scrapbook Day and send it to me, lol! 4 people did that, and I have totally forgotten to make mine, looks like I better get on that!!


Kay said...

Dude!! I totally forgotto stick tat ATC in you stamp set! It's still inthe front pocket of my camera bag. At least it's safe there! I will just pop it in the mail to ya.

Cathy said...

That is so wonderful of your husband. Mine would just toss it aside.

inara said...

all your projects are great and I love your braid, your mom did a nice job and it looks very pretty! I had fun last night!!!