Wednesday, May 13, 2009

A New Look

I got my new glasses today! I didn't have to pay a dime either, the clinic I go to picked up the tab, yahoo! Hopefully this will mean "goodbye headaches"!! Yeah, they are bifocals, but I am over 30 so it is to be expected. Isn't it??
I have also decided to let my hair grow long, rather than trying to keep it short. Not only can I not afford a decent haircut, Cliff loves long hair! PLUS, I can do things like this!!!
Just for fun, found my parents' cat, Beavis, getting a drink!! He is so funny, sitting in the back, standing in the front. I go to the sink to rinse his dinner plate, and he didn't even flinch! I though this was the best photo, you can see his tongue and the break in the water. He is so funny! It is going to be a sad day when he goes, he is 14 years old now, going deaf and can't eat hard food anymore! He used to be a fatty, not so much anymore. He was my kitty until I moved out 9 years ago. PS, my brother named him, lol!
The only scrappy news I have is I FINALLY finished those French Fry ATCs! It took me at least 24 total hours of working on them. They are awesome, but holy cow, time consuming! Now I have to get to work on making the crab ones. The crab I designed takes about 20 mins each to cut, and then my blade won't go all the way through so there is lots of hand cutting. I will get it done though!


Cathy said...

I love his name. I didn't catch it until you said your brother named him though. My sis had cats named Butt and head. I was wondering how long it usually takes to get accepted at ATR? I saw in on earlier posts in your blog, registered, but havent got to approval email yet.

Scrappy Girl said...

Funny cat!

Those glasses look so good! Not everyone can pull off glasses but they look very good on you...BTW...thirtysomethings are not old! LOL

Cathy said...

I used oldmissb, but I didnt get to the profile part. It like me register with an username and password but that was it.