Friday, October 24, 2008

Too Long Gone!

Oh my goodness, I can't believe I haven't blogged in so long...I am sorry! I wish I could say because I have been so busy, but I haven't been. I simply haven't felt like it, not sure why! I haven't even looked at any blogs, I have over 300 blog posts just sitting in my reader waiting to be read! I am such a bad blogger.
Here is what is going on with me...
I went to a community clinic on Tuesday, they have sliding scale fees-I paid only $5! The docs, nurses and staff are all volunteer! They increased my diabetic meds, got me on an antidepressant, and gave me a flu shot. I did my labs today, so still waiting to hear back from that. I am sure it will involve more meds, lol! If you remember my last post, I mentioned my weight loss...keep in mind, I did NOTHING to lose that weight, I am contributing it to not eating out. Anyhow, my weigh in on Tuesday was 225, 10 more than on last Thursday. I was concerned about the first weight, since it was on a regular home scale. I knew I couldn't have gained that weight over the weekend, since I was eating better all weekend! Still though, that is 35 lbs lost with no effort whatsoever!! Bottom line, I am eating way better, smaller amounts, trying not to snack, etc. Again, very hard with our financial situation and all, but it is way better than before. I am anxious for another weigh in, but kinda glad we don't have a scale here at home, LOL!! I have also been taking 2-3 walks a day! They are short walks, but baby steps right?! I have been increasing my distance and speed, and I can totally see why so many people are addicted to exercise! I rather enjoy it. Cliff has been going with me, and is enjoying it too.
OH WAIT, the best news of all.....I did it, I am finished, I am a non smoker! This is day 3, hardly craving a cigarette, and feeling really good! I know I announced quitting a month (or so) ago, but failed! It is official, I have quit, I am never going back! It feels really good. Me, Cliff, my Mom, all quitting. Dad however, won't quit, so we all still have to breath and smell his smoke, which is only a problem since we are trying to quit and it is very tempting! I look forward to my new life!
Cliff's job....Apparently, he misunderstood that last phone call, because it wasn't at all what he thought. It was the normal interview/testing. He found out yesterday he was denied for the job. UGH, what are we gonna do? I would get a job, but the only job I am gonna be able to get is fast food, and it SUCKS!!! I did that for too many years. We will figure something out, we always do!
As far as scrapbooking...I don't know what to say. I haven't scrapbooked, haven't looked at blogs, haven't been on the message boards, and missed out on like 10 challenges. I did finally clean my desk today, so there is hope! My plan is to be back very soon, with some scrappy stuff to share, and get back on a regular blogging schedule!! Thanks for your patience!


Kay said...

Sorry to hear about the job. That totally bites.

WTG on quiting smoking though!! I'm very excited for you! Hope you are feeling better than the last time we talked.

I am thinking I may have to postpone my open house. I just don't have the money to do it this weekend. :(

Scrappy Girl said...

Boy aren't you full of good and bad news. LOL! Great job on the weight loss, finding the clinic, and freeing yourself from nicotine's ugly grip. I am so proud of ya girlie!

I am so sorry that Cliff misunderstood the call and didn't get the job...just be aggressive about job hunting and it will all work out. My BIL was out of work for almost 2 years but it seemed like he sat on his butt at home an awful lot instead of "beating the pavement." You all are in my thoughts and prayers. Tell the other nicotine-free warriors at your home I said "WAY TO GO" and tell your Pop I said, "Come on...give can do it." BUT ya gotta say it like Rob Schneider! LOL!

BTW...I can't believe I don't know the answer to this...Have you read Twilight? If you haven't used your movie tickets you need to save them for me...LOL

inara said...

keep your chin up! you'll be back to feeling scrappy in no time!

tigardlilly said...

I tried really hard to read your blog, but there weren't any pictures. Do you have an audio version?

Kay said...

Hey! Call me woman!

Anne Marie said...

All good news! I'm so happy that you got a check-up and they adjusted meds ... the best medicine is the fact that you're making smart eating choices, stopped smoking, and taking walks -- those are HUGE accomplishments!! Don't let setbacks get you discouraged. YOU CAN DO IT! I'll keep job situation for you and Cliff in my prayers!

April said...

Aww! You and I sound like we might be a lot alike! I LOVE your scrap area by the

GLOANN said...

Came over here to check on you since I have not seen you around on AMR lately. Glad you're making some good choices in life. Weight loss is great! Do take better care of yourself and get busy scrapping, girl. Want to see some more of your work.

Scrappy Girl said...

HEY Are ya ok? I miss ya! I am worried about ya too!

Jamie said...

Glad to hear you check in and also to hear all the positive changes you are making!! Keep taking care of yourself!! We do miss you!! But I understand what you are needing to do!! Don't forget about us!! I sure do miss your pages!!
and you should do a little mini book of this process for you!!
And take pictues with all the weightloss!! That is so hard, so you should get a star!!!!
Keep in touch!!
jamie (jfrank)

Pamela said...

Wow, you have a lot going on. Congratulations on quitting smoking...that is AWESOME!!! I hope everything else in your life calms down...also hope DH gets a job soon...a good one. Will be thinking of you guys. Can't wait til you get back to scrapping and posting regularly.

tigardlilly said...

Hello!?! Are you there? Have you fallen in? Have you fallen off the planet? At least let the girls know what you're upto.

IamDerby said...

Good for you for quitting the smokes! Wow, that is so hard and you did it! Ok heres my little psi from one diabetic to another. Unexplained weightloss can happen if your sugar is constantly high. You will lose weight easily and rapidly but it is very bad for your body. So make sure your sugar is ok!! Diabetes sucks!