Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Wednesday Hump Day Fun

I thought it would be perfect to start our first Hump Day Fun, with a quiz of sorts. I got the idea from Jingle, and thought it would be fun! It is a great way to get to know my readers.
I am going to ask you 10 questions, and you can answer them by leaving a comment!
1. What made you decide to read my blog on a regular basis? Do you subscribe, follow via my blog, bookmark it, etc?
2. What is your favorite scrappy product/manufacturer?
3. How would you describe your scrappy style?
4. What message boards do you participate in?
5. Do you have any animals? What are they, how many, what are their names?
6. Are you married, kids, single, etc?
7. What is your favorite thing to drink?
8. What is your favorite food? What is your least favorite?
9. What is your favorite color/scheme?
10. Do I have your blog in my blog roll? If not, let me know and I will add you!
Now for some regular bloggy business...
I got a couple blog awards, that I want to share.
This one is from Cher. I feel so honored to receive this one!
Here are the rules:
1. Accept the award, post it on your blog, together with the name of the person who gave it to you, and his/her blog link.
2. Pass the award to 15 other blogs that you've newly discovered. Remember to contact the bloggers to let them know they have been chosen for this award.
I have discovered lots of new blogs, thanks to the recent blog hop I participated in. I will tag Jeanie, Rose Ann, CJ, Benga, Dee, Stacy, Wendi, Cute#1, Chris, Alex, ScrappyArt, Diana, Parker and Emmas Mom, Cathy, and TraceyT.
I got this one back in April, and forgot all about it. I was tagged twice with this one, Annie and Sookie from Scrapbook Challenges.
Here are the rules:
1. Make a list of what you want for your Birthday.
2. The list should be 10 items
3. Include the image of the award on your post
4. Give it to 10 friends.
Even though my birthday isn't till October, this should still be fun! :)
1. All 4 Twilight Books
2. Bind-It-All
3. Quikutz Download Card
4. iPod
5. BG Lemonade Collection
6. Lots of Koyoku Adhesive refills
7. Stampin' Up shopping spree
8. Silhouette Mats and Blades
9. Lots of Cuttlebug dies, or other brands
10. A Home of my own
Who to tag???
I look forward to seeing your answers, and look for a comment from me if I tagged you!


Rose Ann said...

Hi Thank you for the award!!! I am off on vacation....see you when i return.

Have a wonderful week `:O)

TraceyT said...

THANKS so much for the award!!! It's nice to know people enjoy my blog. have a great day

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the tag!!

Benga said...

Thanks Marilyn! I will blogged about this soon, incidentally my bday is coming up next month!
Have a great week!

Jingle said...

1. I follow. 'Cause I like to.
2. Right now Sassafrass, Cosmo Cricket, My Little Shoebox...but that changes on a weekly basis! LOL!
3. Eclectic
4. AMR, 2Peas, and Allyscraps on occasion
5. I have two beautiful black lab girly girls! Maggie and Thatcher. I love them to death!!!
6. Married. No kids. Don't want them.
7. Diet Coke, Smirnoff Ice, all depends on the day! LOL!
8. Favorite: Ice Cream and mashed potatoes (not together, though)
Lease favorite: Hmmm...brussel sprouts
9. RED!
10. I'm so totally there! Thanks for that!

Erica Hettwer said...

1. Cause you're my friend! :D
2. I used to love Scenic Route but now I'm leaning more towards October Afternoon, Cosmo Cricket and, of course, Making Memories!
3. Haven't a clue. with pretty colors and clean lines?
4. The Scrapbook Nook and 2Peas
5. A Whipped named Devo (I know!), a cat named Rillah who is living with my dad right now and a fish named....wait for it...Fish!
6. Married with two kids
7. When I'm not pregnant/nursing I love to drink Diet Mt. Dew in a can. I also love Guiness. Right now my fav thing to drink is either milk, ice water or root beer.
8. Tator tots!!! Least fav is probably anything spicy. Spicy hurts my tongue. No flavor just pain. :(
9. Aqua baby, aqua!!!!
10. Yep! :D

Diana said...

Thanks for the award, I send it to a few new blogs and some old blogs.
1. I found your blog during the blog hop and I love it. Your work is inspiring and so are the challenges.
2. Right now I would say Webters Pages, I love BG.
3. All over the place. I love Shabby Chic but I also love simple LOs.
4. scrappin mojo, two peas, A Million Memories and scrap attach.
5. Other than my 4 kids, I have a 6 year old Boxer named Duke.
6. Married with a blended family of a total of 7 kids. 4 his 2 mine and 1 ours. Never a dull moment.
7. Diet Coke, Wine and Margaritas
8. All I can't say I have one favorite but Mexican Food is at the top of my list, least would be cauliflower, but if is on my plate it goes in my stomach.
9. Brown & Pink, Brown & Blue and Yellow and Red.
10. Yes

Stacy Milford said...

How sweet of you to tag me with an award! That is a 1st for me! :0) Love all of the fun projects that you have posted lately! Sorry that I don't stop in more often...just SO busy!!! Take care!

scrapbookmom79 said...

1st off thanks for the tag, i'll get right on that!!

1. Seen you post your stuff in SC and thought it would be great to come check out your blog...i am a follower
2. I don't have a favorite manufacture, my fav supply is paper
3. simple most of the time
4. Myspace, Just Scrappin, Pages in Time
5. My husband and kids have a dog his name is buddy
6. married with 3 kids (and a nephew for the summer)
7. diet cherry pepsi & hurricanes
8. Mexican is my fav, least would have to be seafood
9. anything you add pink too!
10. I'm in there

Have a great day!!