Thursday, July 2, 2009

Computer Problems

So, I have some stuff to share, but can't because we are having computer problems. I am currently posted away from home. Cliff tried to update a torrented program (which he isn't supposed to be doing) and downloaded a virus, AGAIN! (insert eyeroll here) Spent 18 hours backing up my files on a borrowed external hard drive, now Cliff is at home wiping out the computer so we can start fresh, AGAIN! (insert another eyeroll) Our Windows XP disk won't work anymore (thanks to more of Cliff's torrenting), so we have to revert to Windows 2000 (insert yet another eyeroll). Hopefully, we will have it all back up and running again in the next day or two, and I can share what I have gotten done. Good news is I get half a day off today, then tomorrow off! It is great working for someone with a gov't schedule, lol!! Then I have the weekend, work for 2 days, then we are off to Great Wolf Lodge, the indoor waterpark a couple hours north! Of course, then there is another weekend, then I have to work my first 5 day week-UGH!! LOL

I hope you all have a great holiday weekend! We are going to Tigard HS to watch the fireworks on Saturday, woo hoo!!!

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