Saturday, December 15, 2007

Decking the Halls

I finally decided to decorate my house for Christmas. I have been putting off due to not having money for any presents and being depressed. Then I realized, I made this awesome mini-book for Christmas at CKC Seattle and must use it. So, we decorated, my DH, nephew and me! I tried some new photo techniques with my simple point and shoot. I feel much better now that it is decorated. Tomorrow we will attack the stairwell outside (we live in an apartment). Last year we decorated it, and my DH told me a neighbor asked if we will be doing it again! I guess we will be doing it again. Can't wait, I will add pictures tomorrow after we finish, day and night photos.

UPDATE....we decided not to put the outside lights up after all. It was too cold and rainy, and we could save electricity too. I figure, if I am just putting up the lights for my neighbor to enjoy, she can put up her own lights and increase her electric bill. Sorry to disappoint everyone.


inara said...

Looks awesome, you busy little bee, you! I RSVP'd so we're all good there, see ya monday!

Erica Hettwer said...

See scrapbooking brings joy to everyone!!! Totally worth it!


Samantha said...

It looks great, Marilyn!! Decorating for the holidays always makes me feel better :) Have fun with the stairwell outside!!

Shere said...

Love your Christmas decorations and hope that it lifted your spirits! TFS. Shere

Kelli said...

Look at you go, awesome decorating! I have to wait a couple more years til i can "deck the halls"...toddlers sure know how to ravage a tree. lol.