Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Bazzill Swatch

What scrapbooker doesn't want a Bazzill cardstock swatch? Since I cannot afford to buy all the swatches Bazzill puts out, I am starting my own! Actually, it is me, Tigardlilly and Scrapamac. It is so easy! We cut our Bazzill scraps into 2x2 squares, write the color on the back, punch a hole with our trusty Crop-O-Diles, and VOILA, it's a Bazzill Swatch. So far we have about 105 swatches and looking forward to many more! It is both economical and "green". We are using scraps, and not spending any money to do it. I encourage all you other Bazzill lovers, to do the same, you never know when you may need to know the exact color you used, or if you are on the hunt for the perfect color for the perfect layout!


Samantha said...

Hey, Marilyn! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I didn't know you had a blog, too :) I'm adding you to my favorites list. Your spider infestation story was hilarious although I'm sure it wasn't that funny seven years ago. I hope you stop by often!!

inara said...

That is a good idea!!! Any way to save $$$ in this insane hobby is welcome!