Tuesday, November 24, 2009

A Heap of Scrappy Goodness

Yeah, so Rob Pattinson isn't scrappy, but he sure is nice to look at, don't ya think?
Align CenterOver the last month, I have gotten quite a bit of goodies in the mail! I just wanted to share it all with you, so here is all in, in no particular order...
Got this from Gay, just because!
This is from Grammy-b, as a swap RAK!
From Gay again, swap RAK. and no, the crackers weren't included, lol!
A prize from Gloria from a challenge.
Swap RAK from Scrappin{jewlz}, cute ribbons! There was another, which I found on the floor after taking the photo.
From Kelli. She bought this Edward stamp from The Greeting Farm, and thought of me! She made a card with one image, and sent me 7 more for me to use!! She even put Stickles all over his face and arms so they sparkle! How totally cool!!
Got these from Lisa/LBOregon.
Scrappy Girl sent these as a swap RAK.
She sent this too!
I got this a while ago, but don't know who it is from, it was postmarked in GA! If it was you, I would love to know so I can thank you!
That is it for now. I will try to get something done in the next few days, and share as soon as I have something!! I am trying very hard to keep up with the scrappiness, I want it to become part of my life again. My life has become a balancing act...Fan Fiction (Twilight) and scrapbooking. Toodles!


sollie said...

So many lovely goodies. You are spoiled.
xxx, Isolde

Scrappy Girl said...

You got another package from me heading your way...

Love the wizard of oz card!

Cathy said...

Oh girl, did I not include an address on the this, it was for winning the first Round Robin group over at SC. I ended up making the 3 winners a small prize package from my stash when the original packages were ruined in that darn flood. I'm glad you got it thought.