Thursday, November 6, 2008

What A Day!

First of all, I got some bad news last night. My BFF's father has been ill with cancer for a while now, and I found out last night that he passed away early that morning. Thankfully he went peaceably and with no pain. He is with Jesus now. I took the news rather badly, he was like a second father to me! The funeral/celebration of his life is tomorrow and I anticipate many tears. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family. He leaves behind his wife, 4 children, and 5 grandchildren. Thank you Max for being a wonderful part of my life, I will miss you always!
I got a wonderful surprise in the mail today! Julie aka Scrappin{jewlz} sent me this Basic Grey Notch & Die Tool Set for my birthday! I don't care if it is belated, I love it! I feel so honored that she thought of me and glad to hear she got it on clearance!! Bonus, the ribbon she used on the cute Strawberry Shortcake wrapping paper, is a yard of actual ribbon! How cool was this surprise and how sweet of Julie to send it to me. Thank you SO MUCH Julie!!
Tigardlilly got me a "sign on" bonus as I am going to be working for her a little bit on the side. If you know anything about me, you know how excited I was to get this surprise, Basic Grey Wassail Collection Pack!! Thanks tigardlilly!

I was fortunate enough to pick up a few sheets of extra paper for some Christmas projects I need to work on. This first one is for an ATC swap at AMR. The cardstock is Bazzill, printed papers are of course BG Wassail, stamp is Studio G, ink is Colorbox Chalk, and rhinestones are miscellaneous.
Still working on the design of my Christmas cards, but here is a sneak peek of what I am using! The ribbon is actually American Crafts fall ribbon, that was mistakenly put in Michael's clearance section, so I was fortunate enough to pick up some spool of ribbon for only .39 cents each!!! Printed paper is again BG Wassail and I am being cheap and using plain cardstock for these cards. As a cardstock snob particular to Bazzill, this is a bit painful for me, but cuts must be made right? LOL My hope is for them to be fantastic, we'll see what happens.One more thing to share...I have more pics, but need to wait till the recipient receives her gift! It is for tigardlilly, and she has already seen it up to this point. Sadly, it was for her birthday in July (insert embarrassed face here). I hope to share it with you by the weekend! I painted the chipboard cover with MM paints (3 colors), used all American Crafts Amplified pp, and color matched embellishments. Do you think she will like it??.
I went back to the community health clinic tonight to follow up on my labs from last visit. My triglycerides are way to high-off the charts! Add one more med to my regiment. Another thing, my kidney tests for proteins are too high, meaning I do have some kidney damage. Not bad enough to get dialysis, but adding one more med to my daily cocktail! My weight is a bit disturbing. I have been exercising and eating much better, yet I gained 4 pounds-go figure!! I guess I better step things up! No more cheating, ever! I need more discipline that is for sure! I will get this worked out, I know it!
I did send out 6 resumes the other day and filled out about 4 applications. I haven't heard back on any of them yet! I will send out more on Monday!
Here is to a better week and another new start!
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scrappin{jewlz} said...

So glad you like it!! And who can't use more ribbon? ;) I love using regular ribbon for presents for scrappy friends, because I know they will use it!

ps. I tagged you on my blog!!

Scrappy Girl said...

So sorry to here about your friend's father.

I gave you another bloggy award over on the farm!