Friday, December 11, 2009

More RAKs

I have had another lucky couple of weeks, as far as RAKs go! But first, you gotta see Rob!! Get used to it, I plan on sharing one with each post, lol! Sorry, I can't help it! :)
This makes me want to get into the Christmas Spirit!!
I got this birthday card a couple weeks ago from Julie, but not because it was my birthday, but just because she saw it and thought of me!! I LOVE it!! The blue end sticking off to the right side, is a detachable bookmark-which I intend on using next time I read the Twilight series!
I got these ribbons from Cindy, as a swap RAK.
This one is from Scrappy Girl, and was a prize from a challenge from the SSS November crop.
From Grammy-b at SSS, another swap RAK.
OH, and Julie sent me this with some swaps, again, just because she thought of me! They were yummy too!! I just want to let you all know, she is a Jacob fan, so buying this probably made her head spin, lol!!
I joined up in a Secret Santa swap at SSS, and one of them is a handmade swap, designed to help out during these tough financial times. I will be receiving 5 little handmade gifts in this swap.
This first one is from Jana, I really like them! PLUS, they are all decorated with Stickles!!
That is all for now, I have more projects I need to get done, so now that my computer is back up and running, hopefully I can get some stuff done!


Star Rork said...

holy moly Merry Christmas, I likey your blog very much!

Chrispea said...

Fun stuff!! Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas!!